Fábio M Silva is a portuguese fashion designer and multidisciplinary artist based in berlin, germany.

as a fashion designer, he produces small non-seasonal collections, costume design and one-off pieces defined by its genderlessness, fabric painting, rough finishings and non conforming pattern-making. between 2015 and 2017 he completed the IDENTITY trilogy which comprises Collection #1: Death by Shrimp, Collection #2: No Norms No Norms and Collection #3: Love Letters & Thank You Notes.

in the fields of performance, live art, music and visual arts, Fábio's work is mostly autobiographical and raises questions of identity and deconstruction of normativity. he has developed several solo performance pieces, most notably the seminal piece FLÓPERA™ and the ongoing series OMNIPRESENT, as well as occasional collaborations with australian performer Anthony de Bono.

in 2016, under the alias Collapsella he co-founded The Real Housewives of Neukölln, a post-drag collective with whom he performs and djs on a regular basis.