photos by Cristofaro Salvato

performance at A r t – E f ( f ) a c t s, Flutgraben e.V., Berlin / 6 August 2016

What was Britney Spears feeling when she shaved her head in 2007? Or when she attacked that car with a teal colored umbrella? How much of one’s intimacy can we see exposed before melting down? Drawing upon the idea of overexposure and the effects star culture inflicts upon its players, FLÓPERA™ serves as an exercise of emotional endurance. To prepare for this piece, the artist underwent a three-month long period of promotion for the autobiographical opera — talking about it with each new acquaintance, advertising it heavily on social media — a period that at times threatened to be obnoxious. The performance itself consisted of the artist singing (an activity in which he had no formal training or degree of comfort) passages from notebooks written and collected over the past several years. In front of a live audience, Fábio gave way to lyrical work on love, heartbreak, family issues and psychological disorders. Using repetition and interactive performance methods, the artist challenged the audience to reckon with scenes of emotional trauma and incredible intimacy before their very eyes. Performance duration: 40 minutes

words by Jake Indiana / video by Mimi Leggett